I understand. That’s the trouble. I understand. I’ll understand all the time. All day and all night. Especially all night. I’ll understand. You don’t have to worry about that.
Ernest Hemingway, Winner Take Nothing (via zadrzi-svoj-dah)

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what’s really amazing to me is that people are so afraid of body hair on women that even in a shaving commercial they won’t show a hairy leg. they demonstrate the razor by shaving a hairless leg. they show their product being completely useless instead of showing leg hair. it’s just crazy


No matter how good things are, there will always be solitary nights you spend in your bedroom, in a car, or in a party full of your closest friends when it feels like the walls are caving in.
Dan Campbell (via moriarty)

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dont know where this is from but YES YES THANK YOU. Many christians are so mis-represented in what we believe and a lot of christians just don’t have the right attitude. this is right. God IS LOVE. therefore, we need to love everyone equally no matter what. love the sinner hate the sin. We are no different from one another, we’re all sinners. we just choose to sin differently.

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